“Life is a series of addictions and without them we die." Isaak Marks


Mrs. Weltsova

While extremely busy with educating myself about the inner workings of the fetish mind, I should like to invite you to visit an illustrious Disciplinarian and a dear friend: Ms. Alice Morningstar with whom I love creating rare but memorable scenes of subjugation.

It is a modification period for me and while I alter my vanilla base I will continue playing with the few fine gentlemen who have found solace in my painful ministrations from the first days of my dominant appearance on the US CP stage.

Changes galore. Enjoy yours!


Experiences I enjoy:

A Fetlife friend recently commented:

"There are different flavors - fear and desire, anger, rage, hate, vengeance (displacement), abuse, power and control, destructive, degradation, humiliation, financial, acquisition and deprivation, narcissism or addiction, drama queens, disgust or repulsion, superiority, instruction, refined discipline.... Then it's over. You're grateful. You dress and go home, but you will return... Your lover, if you have one, offers no shame and you shrink feeling dishonest and without redemption..."