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"Elegant, refined, creative and appropriately strict.  These concepts very accurately describe the style and manner in which Mrs. Weltsova personifies female domination.  A dedicated Disciplinarian, one will rarely, if ever, leave her presence without a very sore-bottomed reminder of her Feminine Authority.  For those whose taste runs to the more severe, a lesson in obedience under the tutelage of her cane will surely leave a throbbing ladder of vivid stripes to remember her by.  Or, for those needing an education in the feminine arts – either by personal inclination, or as an exercise in humiliation – Mrs. Weltsova will not hesitate to incorporate petticoat punishments or forced feminization shaming techniques.  But what has always remained most deeply etched in my own submissive psyche is the very classy and expectant demeanor which commands instant respect and obedience.  Truly a naturally dominant woman, of which there are sadly too few. I highly recommend her to those who seek a pervasive experience, both physically and psychologically." - Frederick - October 2015

My activities with Mrs. Weltsova involve the discipline scene. I find that I do have a lot of fun in a session and still have my discipline needs met. It makes everything worth it especially when you know she enjoys it as much as you do. - Edward - January 2016

Mrs. Weltsova is a wonderful, skilled, caring, capable, sadistic, smart, conscientious professional disciplinarian based in New York City. I've been in and around the scene for almost 20 years and have found the search for the right domme to be a difficult exercise. I tried to stay positive during the process and my patient, often frustrating search succeeded when I met Mrs. Weltsova a little more than 4 years ago.

I need the the session to feel real and not be scripted or superficial. In session I very much feel the penitent submissive husband who's going to be taught a harsh lesson at the skilled hands of his strict, severe, yet caring wife. My sessions center on receiving very painful canings (other punishments also though) and I can report that she has both the technical skills combined with the innate sense of knowing when it's time to push the envelope a bit. At the end of a particularly severe, intense and memorable two hour session we had a moment where nothing was said but we both felt it and our eyes expressed: that was amazing! Everyone should have such a moment.

Mrs. Weltsova is very imaginative and fun with a calm demeanor and voice that can intoxicate, sooth and scold. She reads me so well with her superior intuition. I'm very fortunate to have found the right disciplinarian for me. Thank you Mrs. Weltsova. - William - January 2016

A stylish black-haired beauty with an exotic accent, Mrs. Weltsova is quiet, imperious and cool, even cold upon meeting. One feels impelled to just swallow whatever stupid thing you were about to say and instead silently sink to your knees and hope you are able to obey her commands. She is equipped and skilled with more of the tools of discipline and torture than you probably have ever seen. And she's adept at using them to bring you slowly yet insistently and inexorably to the limits of your pain tolerance, and likely beyond where you thought you could go. But there's another side you may see: she can Be inventive when faced with difficulties. And she can improvise tease-and-denial games that force you to chose how much pain you'll suffer to gain some pleasure. And suddenly the once-cold mistress is laughing with delight as she plays with your physical limits and desires and toys with your mind. And that's not the only delicious surprise she's capable of. -  MJ - January 2016


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